Artist Quote: “Of The Ice and Blood Run are two tracks that hopefully emphasise a development in my sound over the time I’ve been making drum & bass, with them both being a bit more refined in the writing and production. I tried to keep it all to the bare essentials and see how far I could go with just one, occasionally two riffs throughout the duration of the music, which isn’t something I’ve done often within this style, and it’s something I hope to progress further on.”

Press Release:
Memtrix is a name that has quickly risen to the forefront of drum & bass, impressing fans around the world with his abilities from such a young age. One of the few artists who boasts being able to record every single instrument used in his tracks, there is no doubting that Memtrix’s success is only just beginning, and Viper are proud to be releasing his next single, ‘Of The Ice / Blood Run’.

‘Of The Ice’ offers an eerie yet elegant opening, pairing original vocals with a certain ghostly charm that has become something of a trademark for the producer. Memtrix’s vocals cast a spell that draws the listener in to the many layers of the production, where unique sound design offers something completely new to drum & bass. Hauntingly beautiful yet potent, ‘Of The Ice’ is a charismatic track from start to finish.

‘Blood Run’, the other side of the single, delivers high energy from the start while still creating a certain sinister, almost supernatural atmosphere. Piercing synths are used in a way we’ve never heard before for a sound that is absolutely spine-tingling; Memtrix’s masterful sound design really shines through and is a strong reminder of his extraordinary abilities.

Both tracks speak volumes to Memtrix’s skills as a producer, creating two completely different soundscapes that prove he is a worthy and welcome addition to Viper’s summer catalogue.

‘Of the Ice / Blood Run’
1. Of the Ice
2. Blood Run

Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR148
Genre: Drum & Bass
Beatport Exclusive: 8th June 2018
Released: 22nd June 2018
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