The support Turno has received across the drum & bass world isn’t surprising. Having a background in music technology, he’s spent years honing in on a sound which has not only earned him international esteem, but also a place at the highly-respected Charge Recordings imprint. Although, what else can be expected from a producer who’s spent over a decade both behind the decks and in the studio, pouring effort over his craft and ensuring he’d become a staple in sets from the UK to overseas… Whether that’s at Elements Festival in Belgium, or Sunbeatz in Ibiza.

From drum & bass to hip hop, his influences are wide ranging and they’ve all helped to pave the way to this EP. This huge repertoire is obvious throughout his records. It’s why he’s been picked by so many of the scene’s greats, from Mampi Swift to the infamous DJ Hazard. And this is about to continue into the New Year, especially with the release of his forthcoming ‘Vision’ EP.

‘The Invaderz’ begins the EP, a foreboding, carefully winding up track that pedestals eerie atmospherics and a construction line of pelting drums. Before long, you’re dropped into smashing distortion and a bassline that twists and turns between warbling snare. Turno doesn’t hold back and continues his onslaught, in between snippets of vocal protruding through the mix. Then comes ‘Frightened’, with clattering percussion and low-mids building you slowly into the track’s pandemonium. Tension rises and soon you’re enraptured by Turno’s incredibly catchy hooks.

‘Sectioned’ takes on a different vibe, bringing you down to a techier subtext and moving through tapping hi-hats and elevating bass notes. It demonstrates the vastness of Turno’s soundscape, proving his ability to be able to tap into different areas of dance music. And lastly, ‘Runaway’ brings the EP to a close, alongside featuring artist Ceasar. Ceasar’s vocals offer a dynamic twist to Turno’s down and dirty bassline, an interesting mix of clattering drums and fluctuating bass. Once again proving his versatility, leaving you with an extensive aftertaste. Alongside Charge, he’s proven why his name has become so renowned in recent years.

Beatport Exc: 6th Feb