Out of Fuel
Isolation EP
1. Minus 25
2. Cabin Fever
3. Chain Reaction
4. Hypersensitivity
5. Ghosts (Resound’s Rhytual Remix)
Cat #: TRNSLDIGI037 Format: Digital, Streaming
Released: 16 Feb 2018

Finnish duo Out of Fuel return to Translation with the Isolation EP, showcasing the deeper side of their ever-expanding sound with plenty of bass weight. Swirling pads and wintry atmospherics set the stage for Minus 25, a half-tempo groove with infectious, echoing sci-fi FX and subtle dubwise aesthetics. Cabin Fever is an immersive deep-stepper with snappy breakbeats and a scorching mid-bass to heat things up. Chain Reaction sets things off with a chest-thumping kick and thundering bassline, building into a stormer of a track. Hypersensitivity levels out the vibe with soothing pads, transitioning effortlessly from drum & bass tempo into half-time between technoid bass and shuffling percussion. Resound revisits 2016’s Ghosts for the finale with his Rhytual Remix, crafting a hypnotic techno-fueled web of tension and release at 164 BPM.