Based in Bergen, Norway, Amaryllis has been producing drum & bass since 2012, with her first EP, ‘Never Again’, released on Surreal Recordings; now, her latest EP ‘Light Pillars’ marks her Subsphere Records debut. Drawing influence from Netsky, Fred V & Grafix, Camo & Krooked, Culture Shock, Logistics, and more, Amaryllis’ bright and energetic sound is a welcome addition to the Subsphere family.

Creating everything from dubstep to orchestral music, her vast array of influence and talent is made evident in her four track EP, delivering the producers intended escapism through an incredibly immersive, bright atmosphere.
The opening track, ‘Ab Intra’, delivers an eclectic, charming, and incredibly energetic introduction to Amaryllis that is both vibrant and alluring, transporting the listener immediately to another world. ‘Light Pillar’ offers the same high-energy escape, with subtle yet elegant vocals protruding from amidst the luminous array of sounds.

‘Need Love’ offers a much calmer sound, breaking things down to a slower tempo while maintaining the same vibrancy that is set to become the budding producer’s signature sound. Chopped vocal samples provide a certain luxurious feel amidst thumping bass and opulent sound design. The last track, ‘Losing You’, again utilizes soulful vocal samples for a truly memorable track, and proves just why Amaryllis is such a wonderful addition to the Subsphere Records family.