Optiv’s Red Light Records is a monumental part of his decorated history. The veteran pioneer helped build one of the most successful segments of drum & bass, despite its lack of appeal to the more commercial side of music. And with that came his Cause4Concern legacy, as well as the birth of Red Light, an imprint which he has spearheaded and used to bring forward the talent he highlights throughout his jugular tearing DJ sets. The next artist to lay claim to the Red Light pedestal is Ephyum, a producer who’s already added his tearaway, dancefloor anthems to the back catalogues of labels such as Bad Taste Recordings, Druid Records and Delta9 Recordings. His forthcoming single ‘Black Clouds’ and ‘Mysterious Figure’ pay homage to his unforgiving, yet meticulously layered production standards and it’s something which caught the attention of Optiv. Having already released on Red Light, he returns with growing testament to his skills, paving the way for another step in his career whilst garnering the support of many scene heavy hitters in the meantime.

‘Black Clouds’ begins with an ominous sounding intro, one which gradually pulls you into its immersive soundscape and rolls out the carpet among punching drums and rolling percussion. The tempo is suddenly switched and you’re drawn deeper into the mix, as it becomes more and more overpowering. The crescendo comes when the track explodes down its climatic drop and you’re left to be taken along for the ride. Each metallic swathe peddles you into the next; Ephyum isn’t afraid to go full-throttle and this becomes instantly clear with the track’s descent.

On the reverse, you’re delivered into ‘Mysterious Figure’. By now you’ll become aware of Ephyum’s tendency to create an expectant path into chaos and within ‘Mysterious Figure’ this is pepped with shaking sub pads alongside intimidating, warped synths. Each carefully fashioned drum sequence pulls you into the next and soon the track’s striking LFOs give it a crunching bite. Red Light made the right decision in showcasing the captivating work of Ephyum. Despite his sonic reckonings, each record offered demonstrates his appetite for clean, crisp musicality.

Beatport Exc: 12th Nov