A record label like Red Light Records pulls no punches when it comes to their release schedule. Since their inception, Optiv’s pivotal drum & bass imprint has been unstoppable, dropping cut after cut of unrestrained chaos on an audience which has grown exponentially over the last five years. They continue to grow too, which is to be expected from a label which offers up packages from bass slayers like 2Whales. Their forthcoming single ‘Reptile / Injection’ provides a full account of the producer’s intimidating set of sonics. Having already released on a plethora of records through Titan and Impact as well as a host of other groundbreaking independent dance music imprints, their next release once again provides a platform to a sound which is meticulously created and honed to the industry’s highest standard.

The maestros go straight for the jugular with ‘Reptile’, a record which is effortlessly slick and with a groove that makes itself known through each slamming set of drums. The crackling LFO which shifts underneath the mix gradually takes hold, giving the track a sharper edge and ensuring it’s a fully immersive experience. 2Whales do what tech artists do best and that’s to offer up only the most cutting edge production, whilst nodding to their roots with a hard-wired signature which platforms the neurofunk genre and its game changing attitude.

On the reverse you’re taken into the world of ‘Injection’. The patterns formed through each crumbling sets of metallics drag you through the motions, as it creates a driving rhythm which streams throughout the record’s mix. Its intensity becomes more and more apparent as you’re drawn into the fray; as the track snaps its jaws at you segment to segment, you become suddenly immersed in its unforgiving throes. It’s difficult to escape from the grasp of 2Whales, who prove that despite not yet being a household name, their becoming a formidable force within an expansive scene, one which stretches across the globe.

Having already provided a home for a range of established names, 2Whales join a roster which was already criminally heavyweight. Although with an A&R head like Optiv, every Red Light newcomer features the same ruthless tone to their music.

Beatport Exc: 22nd June