While Program prides itself on helping to champion emerging talent, it also lends its weight to some established names too. The moniker AJ Mutated may be new to most but he’s certainly not new to drum & bass. As part of Mutated Forms, AJ has been cutting his teeth in the scene since 2005: now he’s venturing solo and Program have got two cuts to showcase from his new alias. 

Firstly, we’re introduced to ‘Bleak’ – it’s opening monologue sets an ominously dark tone over the short but electric intro, leading into a frenetic mass of beats and riffs that feel like they pick you up and move you along with them at breakneck speed. ‘Bleak’ sounds relentless in the mix and is one DJ’s will appreciate to add some energy to the set. 

‘Catch 22’ hits hard with long, drawn out bass notes and swirling, jagged synths. It’s stepping beat patterns add a real militant edge to it, acting as the perfect foil to what comes before it with ‘Bleak’.  

AJ Mutated is sure to continue the impact he made on the scene with Mutated Forms. The next chapter in his career is about to begin… and getting with the ProgRAM is the perfect way to start it.