Also known through his involvement in production trio Data 3, Mark Dinimal has been creating his own path separately from the project, with its first major milestone being his forthcoming EP on underground record label Program. The imprint’s status within the drum & bass scene has grown since it was announced by sister-label Ram Records, a twenty-five year strong platform which has put forward some of the genre’s most pivotal releases. However Program has asserted itself through its own back catalogue, igniting the careers of many newcomers which is why they stand as the perfect pedestal for MD’s solo work.

Each track showcased on the EP demonstrates the craftsmanship MD has been honing since he began producing. The records rattling with their uncompromising weight across his ‘Vandal’ EP have a complexity and a minimal vibe which is reminiscent of many previous releases on Program. From the ghost-like vocals that sit beneath ‘Arrival’, to the sweeping synths of title-track ‘Vandal’, with its streamlined beats and metallised drum pounds, MD’s explosive package is your sound track to the darkest of club nights. Records like ‘Fiction’ also deliver a more jagged edge to his signature, alongside its patched stepping stones and a rumbling bassline which kicks ‘Fiction’ into play. It’s an impressive introduction for MD and with Program propelling his journey, more is set to come from the artist.

So once again, it’s time to get with the Program… One which has only providing the freshest sounds since 2012.