Jake Robertz joins the ranks of Program for a single which presents how the imprint is constantly on the search for newcomer artists and joining him is Zeal, who’s equally as formidable. With Program having created their own identity alongside sister-label Ram, they’ve quickly risen among the staple drum & bass independents and have set a standard which many of them now struggle to follow. The next single to come from Program continues their tradition; both ‘Monster’ and ‘Check it’ are sonic forces which will definitely define any DJ set they find themselves added to this coming summer.

Coming from relative obscurity, Jake Robertz seizes Program’s listeners with ‘Monster’, a dynamic, but lumbering delivery which cuts forward with an intricately laid out, yet throbbing bassline and composition. On the reverse, ‘Check it’ featuring Zeal presents a flipside which is tribal and brooding in its gradual build up. Both tracks reveal the talents hidden by Jake Robertz and Zeal, now finally exposed due to Program’s diligent A&R.

So once again, it’s time to get with the Program. One who’s scope stretches into the furthest corners of drum & bass.