From its humble beginnings, alongside sister-label Ram Records, Program has prided itself in giving a platform to some of the drum & bass scene’s most exciting newcomers. However, alongside this ethos they’ve also helped to develop new aliases for the titans of its harder realms, with Slang Banger leading the charge for Program’s muddier sounds. And forthcoming from the production trio, the same artists who brought you Resonant Evil, Pixel Fist, Inasin and Afghan Headspin, is a four track EP which continues to show their appetite for destruction. Program once again rolls with the punches for their next output.

From Redshift to Rock It, Slang Banger hone in on a signature which saw them rise to prominence in the earlier stages of their respective careers. Title-track Redshift begins with rattling drum loops and nastily slick bass stabs which sit beneath the track’s composition. Rolling forward on intimidating breaks, you’re presented with colossal drops between every clattering breakdown. Gravity knocks through just as aggressively; it’s an old-school flavoured riddim which pushes ahead on a chomping bassline and explodes over a blaring voice-sample. Then you’re introduced to Orbit, drivingly relentless with its snapping kick drums and percussive overture, becoming more urgent with each sound layer. Rock It brings the EP to a close, wrapping up four tracks of stereo annihilation. Alongside sharp-edged wooden percussive elements and pulses of unforgiving bass, Slang Banger leaves a lasting impression with their latest EP.

And this is why, for another release, it’s time to get with the Program. From beginning to end, the trio land hit after hit. Demonstrating why they still stand the test of time, years one from their first release together.