Korsakov Music are quickly becoming a notable name within the world of Dutch drum & bass; their parties are growing at a spectacular rate, bringing with them huge line ups to match their widening audience. But it’s not just their events which have become renowned alongside the Korsakov name. It’s also their releases, with the events brand bringing with them a record label which has represented many of the artists who’ve debuted their forthcoming music at their nights. As a result, they’ve also provided a home for these sounds and the Korsakov listenership is moving further than the venues they’ve been playing host to. They’re beginning to release the soundtrack of Korsakov and the artists who the brand represents.

Polygon is the next artist to have their take on what Korsakov showcases as a label. Combining their skills as both producers and DJs, their chemistry is undeniable, and this is something which shows through each selection they offer their fans. Electronic music has been a primary part of their journey and the duo pull listeners into their world through their powerful melodies, as well as the danceability of their records.

After releasing through imprints such as Liquicity and Viper, the drum & bass producers are breaking new ground with their double-sided single ‘Fusion’ and ‘The Machine’. Taking you on a journey, ‘Fusion’ may be your first introduction to Polygon but it certainly won’t be the last. With groove-riddled beat patterns taking you into the record’s core, Polygon highlight what they’re about as producers. On the reverse you’re then delivered into ‘The Machine’, still channeling the same dancefloor edges of ‘Fusion’ however it also alludes to a more aggressive nature. The punchy kicks which throw themselves out between each layer of ‘The Machine’ gives it a weight which would be difficult to remove yourself from within any club setting. It proves why Polygon make such a great addition to the roster of Korsakov. Their music certainly does damage and as a result, it marks how the relationship between a company like Korsakov and such euphoric engineers became acquainted.