Peng Dominion have shown that they have the ability to seek out emerging talent from the scene’s every corner and they’re bringing forward promising newcomers who are not only setting out to identify themselves, but also the label, who is steadily rising amongst many likeminded independents. The aims of Peng Dominion were simple – to make their mark within the growing market of underground releases as well as export music which is fresh whilst oozing with an originality which has become a trademark for the imprint. And their next release covers this ethos, bringing collaborative project Wresker and Kilobite on board for their forthcoming EP ‘Submarine’. Jam packed with four brand new cuts, it highlights the complexity of production amplified throughout not just both artists’ skillsets, but also the roster which Peng Dominion is beginning to build. It’s yet another versatile offering, proving that there’s more to come from a label just starting their first pages in the drum & bass history books.

Out of the four tracks, first up comes ‘Submarine’. The title-track provides an entree into what’s to come, with thumping drum sequences and chord progressions which add a staircase into its initial breakdown. Wresker and Kilobite go in for the kill, even within the EP’s introduction, with deep levels of bass that zip between each meticulously honed segment. Then you’re taken through ‘Time Machine’, with old-school reminiscent drops that’ll move you into their journeys as artists, pointing to the pair’s influences and creating an aptly named track, sure to takeover dancefloors in the months to come. ‘Tale’ yet again demonstrates the duo’s complexity as producers, showing that despite only just coming through the fray of likeminded individuals displayed across drum & bass, they’re here to make their presence known.

Then finally, ‘One Night’ pedestals their diversity for another slick cut; it’s difficult to pick out the EP’s centre point, because from ‘One Night’ through to ‘Submarine’, Wresker and Kilobite are unafraid in their musicality and individualism. Hence why Peng Dominion gave the artist’s a platform – they’ve highlighted for another release that they’re ahead of the game, even this early on in their ascent.