Morbid Music is back and it’s brought an even more disgustingly twisted and warped sound with it! It’s been over a year since the last release and it’s definitely about time we had a bit of new morbid drum and bass.

Label boss Freek brings us his remix of Cryterias’ 2016 banger Primitive Vibes which, true to his style, is a sub rumbling, swing inspired minimal beast of a remix catching the vibe and feel of the original with a Freek funkyness added to it. On the flip, Freek delivers an old tech inspired roller with No Reply. The beat is a splashy, noisy roller and the bass tears through a system with dirty disgustingly distorted synths carrying it along … watch out for naughty switch on the 32.

With plans to only release music from a small roster of artists who form part of a close group of friends, Freek, Cryteria and a select few others will surely be an unstoppable force in drum and bass both solo and combined ready to unleash this new morbid sound onto the scene. Continuing with the ethos of horror inspired music, and with only its 3rd release since its inception in 2016,Morbid Music strives for quality over quantity with plenty more to come soon.

Juno Exclusive: 8th Oct