The temperature is going up around here at the Flight Pattern Records stronghold, and our next release is the reason why! Matt View and Marvel Cinema make their debut on the imprint with their Mercury Rising EP, a solid selection of deep cuts and flowing rollers to heat up the room. The title track starts us out in the deep end with soothing melodies and vox wrapped around a thick bass line. “Backdrop” drops into roller territory with moody sub accents over an echo-drenched melancholy arrangement. We accelerate thru the driving beats of “Imagination”, a dreamy mix of soul vocal samples, delayed key riffs and warbled lows. We close with the rumble of the final tune “Traffic”, and the title says it all about the sound—roughed-up breaks, aggressive synth lines and even-moodier bass. The Mercury Rising EP’s many styles are a true representation of the maturing styles of Matt Free and Marvel Cinema, and their work is yet another noteworthy and timeless addition to the Flight Pattern catalog.