Yell, ’Oh my days….oh my….uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’’, now jump up and down and yell, ’Dear Dominator, you are a fucking badman!!!’

That’s what we were doing the first time we heard the opening track to this album. We rewound it more than ten times. Seriously. That happened. And it’s the moment all fans, friends and family have truly been waiting for. Dominator’s full-length album has finally landed. With the help of best friend and co-producer Logan D, along with 5 others, Dom’s legacy continues.

We’re only going to say a few more words here, but we want you to listen closely. Dom would want it that way. He’d also want you to have the instant reaction your going to have when you hear this fucking album. This immense, monstrous, amazingly good album.

With a little help from his friends, Dom has come back once again, over a year after his passing, and done what he did during the last part of his career each and every time he released music….he’s raised the bar.

How, you ask? This is arguably the best Low Down Deep album to ever come out and it’s hands-down some of the best music to come out on the label…ever! The first track alone is one of the most amazing things we’ve ever heard, add to that ’Crocodile’, three more previously un-released collabs with Logan D, two more collabs with Nu Elementz, and links ups with Heist, Sub Zero, Majistrate and Ego Trippin’, and yea…bombs way.


Dom is looking down smiling in contentment, that’s for sure. These tunes are here to be on top, stay on top and Dominate, just like Dom always did. Just like, ‘The People’s Champion’.