Bubbling cris, cris, cris, cris…..Bubbling cris, cris, cris!

Hopefully Car Jackin’s new beats are infectious enough that they’ll have you singing an impromptu lyric too, whether it’s out-loud whilst bouncing about the room or quietly inside the comfy confines of your own head. 🙂

Really though, this tune starts bubbling, blazing and blasting around all corners of the sound spectrum within seconds of its deadly intro beats lighting up the airwaves….literally seconds!!!! The rest of the riddim doesn’t depart too far from the heavy, timeless, iconic and relentless original either. It’s received an upgrade basically. A heavy one. We’ll call it ‘Car Jackin 2.0’ just for simplicity’s sake.

With both the mighty Majistrate and the illustrious Logan D on the case, we knew this was gonna be a blinder!!!