The last release on KOS.MOS.MUSIC this year will be presented by an original Kometa from Norilsk. His track “Internal Structure» was released on “Supernova LP Vol.3» compilation and his debut release will include remix of this track by Electrosoul System & Liquitek.

“Spacefunk EP” by Kometa is a hypothetic and highly atmospheric drum’n’bass.

“Elements” – easy rolling beat with 909 bass, wrapped up with pads and atmospheric chords, ultra-intelligent.

“Forest Jungle Jr” – tribal percussion and step rhythm mixed from 909 and and deep reece bass, accompanied by trembling chords and fine thread of the strings.

“Spacefunk” – canonical liquid roller, the role of the kick drum part is played by bass, making the track chill and groovy at the same time. Melodic phrases played by the strings and trembling chords enrich the atmosphere.

“Angara” – this type of track could be heard in the 90-s on Metalheadz or played in Blue Note club. Straight out hypnotic techstep roller.

“Internal Structure (Electrosoul System & Liquitek Remix)» – is a vivid example of modern techstep roller with a bark beetle bass and lots of brand details by the two spearheads of the label.