Dawn Wall are back in full force with the sensational “Twin Falls EP” dropping soon at all good music outlets. *****TBC in your calendars now as the anticipation gets hotter and hotter with every release to come from this enigmatic outfit.

The diverse 4-track masterpiece opens with the stunning title track “Twin Falls”. Holding hands with “Spears”, the angelic intro begins with reverberating keys dancing over earthly pads below; so many subtlties ebbing and flowing. Then comes the drop into a europhic wonder of anthemic piano, weeping synths, beautiful vocals and delicate pad work. Soul good!

Next up, the mysterious intro of “Mantis” instantly mesmerises with it’s eerie pads and the sounds of high pitched button programming. Leading into the most dramatic and ginormous drop, this next level soundscape of warped melodic strings and tougher drum and bass edits ooze with attitude.

Switching the vibe back into the light again “Holding On” encapsulates beautiful, dreamy, string-plucked breeziness in the perfect ratio of soul and texture. It’s catchy vocals layered over rolling bass and an ethereal soundscape is faultless.

The minimalistic “Mariner” winds the EP finale up over on the dark side. Precision space for tapping beats and abstract killer bass; stand to attention tribesters, this is your new world #ekho anthem.