The rolling landscapes of France, as well as the country’s rich culture, has remained at the pinnacle of drum & bass producer Naibu’s music. He’s an artist who’s been refining his craft for almost a decade, becoming a staple part of the scene from the mid 2000’s alongside his releases on Creative Source, Soul:R and Bassbin. For his forthcoming LP, however, he re-joins the historic roster of Horizons Music, where his main body of work has found a home. With three EPs and two albums already dropping on the imprint over the last five years, this will be another monumental addition to the showcase of musicality which has become a staple for Horizons Music. Naibu has also pushed the same philosophy, making himself free from any artistic limitations and instead finding something in between dark and light, whilst pushing the cinematic soundscapes which he’s become renowned for.

The understated aesthetics of Naibu, bolstered by his sweeping assonance, are defining moments of the LP. Each of the nine tracks featured through Naibu’s ‘Manoeuvres’ album are almost impossibly versatile but also administer the levels of technicality which the artist has perfected over his time creating music. Title-track ‘Manoeuvres’ is a journey, one in the fullest sense of how a drum & bass track can be described as one, taking you through section after section in an encompassing exploration of his sound. Records like ‘Distant Light’, ‘Achille’, ‘Float’ and ‘Just Let It’ follow the same lead, all giving different insights into the repertoire he’s built up over years despite the different direction each track takes.

‘Red Hand’ encompasses a range of atmospherics, wrapping them through a wheel of tinkling percussive overlays and steppy beat sequences. ‘Passage’ features a half-time tempo rhythm, wrapping you into its sounds with distorted synthesis sweeping you along its padded drum steps. The growling bassline of ‘Gatekeepers’ gives a more brooding edge to the album, which juxtaposes the rolling lights of ‘Oblivion’, and they act as a microcosm for the diversity which is demonstrated through ‘Manoeuvres’.

Horizons Music deliver one of their biggest masterpieces yet and it’s about to be unleashed onto the public. For the next twelve months, expect your late night, vibe-encased nights to be given a soundtrack from Naibu. His music is about to dominate sets throughout 2019.