Hyperactivity Music are quickly becoming a buy-on-sight label, something which has come about through the sheer quality of the releases they’ve been presenting to the larger circuit of drum & bass. Another package the French imprint is about to reveal comes through producer Gunston, an individual who’s already been receiving support from an array of high-profile sources, including Drum & Bass Arena and BBC Radio 1. Having created his dynamic sound in his hometown of Cannes, Gunston came under the guise of Hyperactivity Music after his cuts became notorious throughout French club spaces. Since then, he’s delivered the next part of their burgeoning catalogue in the form of his ‘Cargaison’ EP. With four new tracks for Gunston to establish his capabilities, as well as highlight why he’s become a staple for many set lists, the ‘Cargaison’ EP is another stellar output for a hotly-tipped producer.

‘Something’ is up first on the track listing, with its punching kick drums penetrating the composition, standing as one of the track’s defining features. Its scuttling bassline sits amongst the record’s heavier aspects, propelling ‘Something’ forward alongside its seismic weight. The EP’s namesake ‘Cargaison’ pulls you forward amongst smashing layers of percussion and pads which add to its impact segment by segment. ‘Mox Plot’ gives an intricate look into the soundscape Gunston has at his disposal – filled with chasms of churning beats and weighty basses which switch between notes, it’s a highly complex track which is a clear sign of Gunston’s production levels. Then ‘Trunc’ is the final submission, with sweeping atmospherics leading into cranking breakdowns accentuated by each of the track’s winding bass rhythms. There’s a groove which sits underneath every record given a platform through ‘Caragaison’. From beginning to end, it becomes a defining characteristic of the EP and its an introspective exploration of how Gunston manages his craft.

Hyperactivity remains on a pedestal for 2019, something which is clear from their latest release. More is set to come from the label and its imperative roster; a team beginning to stake their claim on the wider drum & bass market, along with its talent pool.