A new addition to the Hoofbeats Music family is the game-changing Holotrope with fresh sound that is both aggressive and elegant. First two of the expected tracks bear the names Fight and Izotope and bring a taste of what’s to come from Holotrope’s lab. Scary sounding Fight starts surprisingly mellow with an intro that opens many doors, however the gate is kicked open soon enough to reveal a rib-breaking neurofunk roller. Holotrope successfully navigates the waters of kitschy nice & grimy contrasts and the track never ceases to urgently roll forward thanks to its crisp mixdown.

The following track Izotope steps up the game. While Fight held on to a skillfully arranged mosaik of sounds, the second track lures bass-hungry zombies to a resonant trap. The bass however gives up to be replaced by a breakbeat just like from Fight, except with its parents dead and a thirst for revenge. Be on the lookout on the dancefloor, or you might just might get cut down by a surprise drop.

Beatport Exc: 15th May