Following the success of their recent single Moving Water on Skint Records / BMG, Viennese group Gudrun Von Laxenburg return with its visual accompaniment. Well known for their sonic, LED-fused live shows, they’ve brought the creativity and artistry they’re renowned for throughout Moving Water’s music video.

The electro vibes prevalent throughout Moving Water draw you into a dingy, club night setting, sparked with the neon themes which have become a signature for the band. Moving Water’sfemale vocals help build the video’s narrative, a surreal world of dance moves contorted under blinding colours and lights, a hiding place from an oppressive government and police state who hide just outside the door. Gudrun have presented the perfect addition to the already impressive musicianship shown on Moving Water, once again breaking out of any paradigm set up for electronic music and instead creating their own rules, represented through the video’s rebellion against crushing freedom of expression. They’re artists in the full sense of the word, able to direct not just their own productions but also the multimedia that it goes hand in hand with.

Setting the backdrop for more high calibre releases, Moving Water stands out against the tide. Having been signed exclusively to the BMG / Skint Records imprint off the back of a single demo and their explosive reputation on the live circuit, their stellar output comes as no surprise. Taking influence from the likes of Daft PunkDigitalismJusticeThe Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers, they channel the same energy and focus on the creative image just as much as their sound.

Moving Water and its music video offers a glimpse of what the band have coming up over the next year. And it demonstrates how it won’t just be their music which will make an impact, seeing their fan base also expand across the visual arts.

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