Forbidden Society takes no prisoners on the 21st edition of his self named label series. The follow up to the remix pack of ”Prophets Of The Doom” that was initially release in fourth quarter of 2017, contains seven energetic remix cuts by some of FS’ closest allies, most valued artists and scene favourites. Rotterdam based ”ABIS” turns 3RDKND’s ”Fire & Blood” inside out with some lethal production skills.”Agressor Bunx” gives Demon Shogun a splendid treatment whilst respecting the attitude of the original cut. ”Inward, Hanzo and Randie” team up for a the rework of ”Sellout”. Whilst remaining the ambiance of the original, a layer of sturdy sounds are added. ”Maztek” uses his years of remix experience to create the tough sounding refix of ”Benga”. Additional remixes come from Czech Republic based Holotrope, Fragz from Portugal and Deathmachine from United Kingdom.