Flight Pattern is excited to bring you our latest and greatest addition to the roster with a new trio of artists under the name “Addixxx”! A creative coalition between the renown acts known as Recall, Liminal and Bengal, Addixxx has concocted the ultimate elixir of artistic integrity and talent in their debut release, an EP entitled “Isla Mujeres”. We start with the title track, a dreamy yet powerful tune that invokes emotional memories and hard-hitting vibes with its ethereal guitar licks, solid breaks and tectonic sub-bass rumble. Next up is “When Pigeons Cry”, a rhodes-infused roller with driving beats and running bass lines. After that is “Life (Stay Woke)”, a thought-provoking melodic combination of pristine melodies, energetic breaks and fills, and a heavily-modulated low end. The EP closes with “Yearning For Dawn”, a dark and wild journey on a path less travelled, stitching together classic breaks with haunting vox lines and a woofer-bombing deep bass that turns the dancefloor on its head. This epic EP is a perfect representation of what Addixxx has to offer—a full-spectrum, subgenre-combining enterprise of artistic style and class, shaped and quenched to perfection—the perfect addition to the Flight Pattern catalog.