Florian Leitner aka Double Helix is a rising talent from Austria. His tech-heavy neuro sound already earned recognition by some of the scenes leading protagonists. His early releases on Ammunition Recordings, Full Force Recordings and Mindtech Recordings have earned him quite some support. After a two year fathership-hiatus he is back with a versatile and fresh EP on T3K Recordings.
Kicking off with the title track, „Endurance”, Double Helix shows us a bass-fueled and twisted piece which combines the best from two worlds: deep halftime vibes and contemporary Neurofunk. Next up is „Mandella” which builds up smoothly with bright pads, then surprises with a superheavy drop that melts you away in an organic wave of ever-flowing percussions and moody technoid sounds. If you like sci-fi intros and earth-shaking drops then „Mindframe” takes you home. Aggressive synths and punchy drums are colliding and result in a maelstrom of hard hitting Drum & Bass. Last but not least, „Veered” consists of aggressive drums, stompy bass-stabs and a very clever structure. The amount of details is ridiculous.
Double Helix accomplishes to salute the heroes of Early-Day-Neurofunk with these tracks. In addition, he presents his own interpretation and sound-design paired with a straight forward-thinking attitude. His „Endurance EP” is pure fire and we are very pleased to offer four high class tracks for your dancefloor arsenal.

The cicadas chirped through the night that had fallen over Indigo City, a gentle breeze circled the scenery and the thousands and thousands of lights of the big city seemed brighter than ever. The bubbling hustle and bustle did not stop even as darkness fell. On the contrary, it seemed just as if the outlaws and scum of the metropolis were gaining more momentum in the shadow of the night.  

So, did Krys Mandella, a so-called Runner who works for SPDS Inc. (short for Standard Parcel Delivery Service Incorporated) for cash credits. This ominous delivery service specialized in shipping all sorts of things that couldn’t usually be transported with the common drone system and was the best solution for semi-shady deals with subversive elements. Thanks to the global data privacy act of 2029, the operation of public transport devices of any kind was only possible through verification by personal digital fingerprint and therefore definitely not an option for the underworld. 

Today’s job came just in time for Krys as he had been saving to upgrade his EPMod (Enhanced Perception Modification) for quite some time. In addition to increased endurance, this would mean better responsiveness and accuracy at work and in everyday life. But this is only a fraction of what is possible with EPMs today. Thoughtfully he looked down at the ancient object linked to the security port on his wrist. He was a little puzzled as he lifted the tattered leather suitcase out of the mailbox one hour ago. Normally it was encrypted storage media with explosive company data, cages with strange and less peculiar life forms or a colourful mix of consciousness expanding mods or psychedelic substances that he occasionally brought from one end of the city to the other. Full of euphoria, he overlooked the T3K Industries logo on the suitcase and set off to deliver the parcel.  

He hurried over the houses of the suburbs like a gazelle as he saw a shadow in the corner of his left eye. For a human being unusually fast, he veered to the right to reach a ventiduct nearby to avoid a possible attack. A breath of air around his nose let him know that the attempt was in vain. The attacker stood right in front of him. Covered, wrapped in a dark coat. Such speeds he had only otherwise experienced from modified humans, androids or extra-terrestrials. A blow hit Krys’ face, he went dizzy and fell to the ground. “Who are you?” Before his lights finally went out, he heard a female voice say, “Dawn.”