After six months hiatus, drum & bass maverick, Lynx, is back. The Portsmouth producer and Detail Recordings boss announces his return with basscone damager ‘Deep Deadly’, featuring long-time associate MC Master X on vocals. The pair have shared studios and stages together and now double down on a track quite literally tailor-made to be a nuclear weapon in any drum & bass DJ’s armoury.

Lynx explains “When writing the track and arranging it I wanted a song that DJs could splice their own favourite version of the track together. For exampled, you could re-edit the arrangement as a deep minimal DJ and lose the heavier sections. Or, if you prefer it to be a banger, you could lose the minimal parts.

“Or if you feel like it just loop the vocal and double drop your favourite tune over the top. It’s a very versatile DJ tool and a tune I think DJs will have loads of fun mixing.”

In practice, that translates to a tune in the vein of Jonny L’s groundbreaking ‘Back to Your Roots’ – we’re talking head-spinning energy, infectiously straight-up vocals and an anvil-sized drop – signed, sealed and delivered by a producer on the very top of his game.

The track is forthcoming on Lynx’s own Detail Recordings imprint, which is also shaping up to release an album by Kusp – the up-and-coming producer is the first to get the nod from Lynx for a Detail release so you’d better believe that there’s something special about him.