Delta9 Recordings presents “From The Streets Vol. 3”, the third chapter of a Various Artists project showcasing a variety of drum and bass styles and paying homage to the Drum&Bass sounds that Delta9’s crew grew up with since their early days promoting parties over 15 years ago until now.

Delta9 Recordings has a scope which stretches throughout the most creative parts of Europe, places which are renowned as a hotbed for music, as well as a breeding ground for artists. From Berlin, Germany to Bergamo, Italy, the label has built itself on top of these two cities, bringing forward artists from the continent’s furthest reaches and pushing them onto the pedestal provided for them by the label. Delta9 Recordings focuses on mainly the dark, minimalistic sounds of drum & bass and this is something which is highlighted throughout their slowly growing back catalogue of music.

On this third instalment listeners will be completely wrapped by the loads of bass coming from these incredible deep bangers, spacing from half time tunes, to innovative jungle rhythms and ending to the classic hard hitting rollers!

Each track is a return to form for Delta9 Recordings, with the roster of Delta9 Recordings steadily growing over the past twelve months!

Make sure to grab this one and play it loud!

Video Teasers: Marceli Kryk
Mastering: TRS
Artwork: Dinko Filipovic

Exclusive Release date: 12/04/2019 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 26/04/2019