It’s often said that something worth having is something worth waiting for. This is entirely true when it comes down to the forthcoming LP ‘Victory Rose’ from Mampi Swift, named after his biggest influencers – his parents. After already being teased at the beginning of 2018, the legendary DJ and producer has been touring internationally whilst also putting the finishing touches on his next project, which features a very personal touch. And the drum & bass community has been waiting with bated breath – this has been one of the most anticipated albums over the past five years. But Mampi Swift has bided his time, something which isn’t often afforded to the contemporary music world, which is why this forthcoming collection of tracks are not only timeless – they’re also somewhat of an anomaly.

The next phase towards its release is brand new single ‘Victory’, named aptly after his father Victor who recently passed away. And ‘Victory’ is an anthem in the truest sense of the word, not just focusing on the veteran drum & bass elements which have made the genre so formidable over the years, but also bringing in more orchestral elements which help the record stand out from other tracks, whilst paying homage to the late Victor. The opening instrumentals instantly make you aware of who you’re dealing with; Mampi Swift is both an expert in the field of production, and a trend setter, having spent years on the forefront of its development. Soaring vocals take you deep into a pink-panther esque breakdown, accentuated by piano notes and stepping pads. You’re taken directly into its seismic first breakdown, which is as musical as it is heavy slamming. ‘Victory’ comes through with epic climaxes and scrunching percussive overlays, punching through its composition as it leads into its throbbing, guttural bassline. Mampi Swift does what he does best and that’s to bring chaotic scenes into a more new-era lens. This is what ‘Victory’ represents throughout its entirety, as it delivers another smacking blow before Mampi Swift’s full body of work is unleashed – one which really does tell a story.

For many fans of drum & bass, this will be the news that they’ve been waiting for. ‘Victory’ certainly doesn’t disappoint, and it sets the pace for the forthcoming LP. Mampi Swift is back this year and after a journey of musical growth, he’s setting his sights even higher.