When looking at Mizo as an artist and what he’s achieved over the start of his career, it’ll come as no shock that he’s a Russian producer. It seems that Russia has become a microcosm of the drum & bass genre and everything it represents; even from the countries furthest reaches, it’s delivered astounding talent, the type of which has been comparable to figures who’ve spent decades in the game. Mizo’s own output has only followed this trend. 

With music on the likes of Eatbrain, Blackout, Dutty Audio and Kosen, he’s never once allowed himself to drop his impeccable production grades. His upcoming EP on Cause4Concern still doesn’t break these rules. 
Although this time, Mizo has again entered the world of Cause4Concern, a label who recently celebrated twenty years in the game and an imprint who’ve proven over the entirety of their lifespan that they’re able to keep up with the current musical climate. Mizo’s forthcoming ‘Black Mirror’ EP is a tribute to this – from ‘Animate’ through to ‘Gravity Fall’, it’s easy to see how Mizo came under the fearsome stretch of C4C. 

‘Animate’ begins ‘Black Mirror’ with crackling bass switches and grooves which give the track its momentum as it gradually breaks down. ‘Shaman’ pulls you against its twisting synthesis and tribal-like atmospherics, which create a deeper soundscape to become emerged in. ‘The Pursuit’ features Trilo and as part of the collaboration both artists add their take on a merging of the subgenre’s murkier realms and a more dancefloor influenced edge. ‘Black Mirror’ is the EP’s title-track and it focuses heavily on its slamming drums, centralising the cut with each weighty drum pad. Then ‘Gravity Fall’ is the finishing number, rolling through with sweeping peaks and deep troughs of bass. It provides an exploration of Mizo’s capabilities, showcasing his ingenious strokes of production. Already boasting support from artists such as Noisia, Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Rene LaVice and Ed Rush, Mizo is a force to be reckoned with. Returning to Cause4Concern, their vast audience is once again about to become enthralled in the music of Mizo.

Beatport Exc: 18th Mar