Over recent years the Australian drum & bass landscape has become more and more prominent over the genre’s furthest reaches, with its music becoming a prime part of many set lists. There’s a host of labels helping to make this happen and one such label is Protocode, who since launching have remained at an impeccable standard and have committed themselves to providing only the highest of quality when it comes down to their catalogue. Their next release comes from an artist named Bold Theory, a new alias who’s been creating his own space and taking advantage of Protocode’s growing platform to begin to make himself known throughout the wider world of dance music. The first step was within his home country, which he shares with Protocode.

The Perth based producer has been biding his time before unleashing this forthcoming single and on first listen to its refined sonics it’s easy to see what that time was spent on. The sounds of ‘Transmission’ and ‘Insufficient Data’ offer an insight into why Bold Theory has garnered so much attention over such a short time frame. From plays on Noisia Radio, through to remixing some of the most prominent names throughout the darker wealth of drum & bass, his popularity has only accelerated. 

The first of two tracks, ‘Transmission’ is a cut-throat piece of music which is a fiery addition to any club space. With distorted layers of bass and clattering, snapping percussion that cuts its way through a diligent mix, ‘Transmission’ is obtuse, fitting perfectly within the unforgiving streams of Protocode. On the flip you’re moved through the motions of ‘Insufficient Data’, still pushing the style of beat manufacturing which is making him a favourite amongst the scene’s newest additions. With thudding drum patterns and a crazed mix of slamming beat sequences amongst chaotic drops, ‘Insufficient Data’ has an intensity which isn’t watered down by its stark minimalism. 

Formed by one of the most formidable collectives across the Australian strain of drum & bass, emerging imprint Protocode are following up their first release, their twelve-track various Artist LP, with a stream of records which solidify their staying power. And their next output from Bold Theory continues this trend.