Darkseid’ is the second release from Audio’s brand-new label ‘Snake Pit’; announced this year, it’s a new direction for Audio, one which sees him branch out through his own platform and use his time on several mainstay drum & bass imprints to create his own outlet into the genre. ‘Frog March’ was the first step and it’s one which quickly accelerated the interest around this venture. The track merged the old and new styles of Audio, both of which have built the formidable reputation which has helped him become such a defining force. From his albums on Ram Records and Virus Recordings, through to his releases as part of the Killbox project with pivotal figure Ed Rush, the arsenal of music he’s released throughout his career highlights his success.

Reminiscent of the old-school sounding sonics which were a crucial part of his popularity during his come-up, ‘Darkseid’ is a return to the music many fans have been waiting for. ‘Darkseid’ is crazed with its twisted levels; each metallic pad slices through the mix and punches in a wave of hooks which add to its driving rhythm. Its eastern instrumentals pull you through a daunting intro, before Audio builds layer upon layer until its first climatic breakdown. There’s a jauntiness underneath each drum break which gives the track its grooves, the type which are a testament to Audio’s skill. Not only does he manufacture records which are devastating, causing outrage across club spaces, but he also ensures their danceability. After debuting ‘Darkseid’ throughout a wide array of dance music stages, already building demand for its release, this will be the second part of Snake Pit Records catalogue and so far, one which is proving to be an unstoppable force.

Snake Pit Records is another addition to the rising trend of artist run labels which are changing the landscape of drum & bass. Although he’ll never stray too far from the imprints who had a part in his achievements, Audio is making his own place within drum & bass, where he’ll be looking to add more music and artists into his own creative space – so once again, welcome to the Snake Pit.