The UK-based ASHFLO might be a new name, but if you’ve been paying attention to what Patrol the Skies has been pushing, you’ve been getting eased into his zone. After dropping “Forever Young” on their Holiday 2018 EP, he dropped the triumphant groove of “Hideaway” at the end of March. One month later, and PTS has a two-tracker from ASHFLO charged up and ready to fly.

This release is chock full of anthemic vibes, which eek out in the opening stages of “Yellow.” The bright, bombastic tune packs a wallop of bass ‘n’ feels lead by a soft, commanding piano and a heap crispy drums. On the flipside, some soft guitars lead the driving “Horizons” into a motivating number that’s as perfect for the club as it is cruising across the land. If anything, this two-piece should put ASHFLO’s sound on the radar of DJs and soundboys the world over. Bang out….

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