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Catch Toxin / Mammoth Muzik Wednesdays 8-10pm

I was first introduced to hardcore music at school way back in 1993. I went to Orange at the Rocket club and became hooked, and started attending events like World Dance, Reincarnation, Lazerdrome and Labyrinth. I invested in a set of 1210’s when I was a student in Norwich, and spent all my spare time learning to mix. Eventually I started to DJ at student parties and local club nights. When I returned to London I landed a graveyard slot on Origin FM a few years later, and began to take music a bit more seriously. Around that time I invested in an Akai sampler and started experimenting with producing. I met SLB at a local night in Croydon and moved onto internet station UKRumble and eventually onto Nakedbeatz. I also played on Eruption FM for a couple of years after UKRumble.

I have performed at many events in London such as Definition Soundclash, Sub Zero and One Nation, as well as at Nakedbeatz club nights, but I am currently concentrating more on production having set up my own digital label Mammoth Muzik. I have also released music on Neutronic Beats and the legendary Emotif recordings.
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