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I listened to all sorts of electronic music as a youngster but then grew a passion for Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop.  My metal roots led me to Drum & Bass as I always liked the faster, heavier stuff and started going to Warning in Cambridge in 2004. My tastes were still developing and I eventually found Renegade Hardware at The End club in London. Loving this music and being so close to the DJs when on the dance floor inspired me to start mixing. I bought a couple of turntables and had a weekly slot on an online radio station in Essex and some free parties. I hung up my DJ coat for a few years but still listened to Drum & Bass a lot but more recently I’ve got back into mixing, buying some new decks and having my old turntables set up again with a strong desire to get back to performing live to people who share my passions.


Catch Strex biweekly Mondays 6-8pm


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