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Paul E Jay

Paul E Jay


Catch Paul E Jay & Party Thursday biweekly 8-10pm


I first discovered Hardcore in the early 90s through tape packs and mix tapes that were circulating at School.  By 1993/94 I could regularly be found lurking in  local record shops like Bluebird Records or Elpees and it was around this time that my 20+ year love affair with vinyl and all things breakbeat began.  As the Hardcore scene began to split I chose the darker breakbeat based DnB/Jungle sound as opposed to the more kick drum orientated Happy side.  Over time the record collection began to grow the next logical step was to get hold of a set of turntables and teach myself to mix.  The turntables in question were a battered old second hand set of belt driven Soundlabs.  If they weren’t worn out when I got them, they certainly were when I got my first proper set of decks a couple of years later and never looked back.

I have a very eclectic taste in music and will play anything with a breakbeat on it including DnB, Jungle, Old Skool, Breakz, Garage, Hip Hop and a bit of House thrown in for good measure.  Currently I am really into Future Jungle and rate producers like Liondub and Marcus Visionary, as well as Blade Runner, Cabin Fever and Jayline.   At some point in the future I’d like to get into production and have been playing about with Logic and Ableton a bit recently.

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