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Mark Track

Mark Track


Guest DJ on Nakedbeatz


I started going out to clubs and events when I was about 18 like Innersense at the Lazerdrome and Desire at the Ilford music arena, Helter Skelter, Roast, AWOL to name but a few and I fell in love with Jungle straight away, I was always on the hunt for the latest tape packs and would listen to the tapes till I knew the mixes inside out until learning to Dj was a natural progession for me.

I started working at Track Records in the late nineties (where I got my Dj name) and I started putting on club nights called Cause n’ Effect in my hometown where I would get all the local Dj’s and MC’s to come and play and it was great place to meet lots of like minded people that loved Jungle/Drum n’ Bass.

A friend of mine put me in-touch with the legendary Paul Ibiza and he offered me a slot on UK RUMBLE internet radio station in South London and from there I met S.L.B. And started a 2 year weekly show on Nakedbeatz.

When I Dj I like to play anything that will get people moving, my favourite labels are Ram, Virus, Shogun Audio, Vision, Trendkill, Metalheadz and Program to name a few.

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