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Catch DJ K-netic biweekly Wednesday 18:00-20:00

K-netics a hard working DJ & up n coming Producer, with the ambition to push himself and the ability to mix different genres of music, K-netics main love for music is DnB which is where he at today.

K-netic first started DJing at the age of 14, he went round his friends house and he had a pair of citronic turntables, as he spent more time with his friend (Robbin Clarke) showed and taught him how turntables and mixing works, as time went on K-netic had a taste for the music trace and got his first pair of turntables at 18, he put the knowledge of what his friend said and shown to him and come up with his own style of mixing.

K-netic spent hours and hours of time mixing away and developing a style of his own which he liked and loved, finally starting to drop tunes together and keep mixes in, k-netic got more in tread by different styles of music, he started listening to hard trance and hard house, even started buying both styles of music and began to mix harder and faster then b4.

As k-netics love for the music was getting bigger, he started mingling with different crowds, he remembered listening to happy hardcore when he was at school which this crowd was into, he thought he give it a go and found he picket up mixing it pretty easy and progressed very fast at it with some of his best mixes.

His love for mixing had began to get stronger n stronger and started to get a name round the local town, he played at a couple of local events but no think big.

K-netic, bumped into an old friend (Daniel Montague aka DJ Monty at the time he was signed with Dope Ammo Records), they started regular meetings & began to mix together, Monty showed him this different style of music that he mixed called Drum & Bass, he also showed him how to keep a mix in with just the pitch without putting a finger on the record, with the skill of pitch control k-netic picket it up quick and ended up with the control that he has today.

K-netic started playing at a couple of events that were put on but in the end of October 08 he was take out the seen but returned in October 09. Whiles he was away he got into studio production and got a certificate, since his returnee, 2010 k-netic started pushing himself and hock back up with Monty and started to perfect his mixing with sick drops and fast mixing and rude intro mixes, k-netic starting mixing on 3 decks and managed to perfect trouble dropping, 2011 he started working in the studio and started making beats and had regular radio show on defiant radio once a week, and teamed up with DJ Dubsta and played at a couple events Dubsta had ran.

In 2011 K-netic and Dubsta combined with 2 members from Fusion, Philbee and Robbie Hyper, Reformed was born, the 4 of them all help run reformed with putting different events on around different areas and getting artistes to play at the events.

2012 Reformed had added 2 more members. DJ Vyper and Sam (the sound guy) and created a 6 some putting on better events with headliners.

With regular events K-netic was hitting the production hard, trying to develop his own style of jump up, he had some older tracks heed done but after 6 months k-netic had produced his first proper tune called Dragga, he had found his style.

Since Dragga he’s made some right dirty bangers. His 2013 has gone off with a bang, k-netics recently played on oxford radio, ox105fm and had 2 tracks signed with Manic Beats and tracks release on Reformed records.


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