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DJ Tunstep

DJ Tunstep


DJ Tunstep a producer & DJ raised in London in the town of Wimbledon.

A self-taught pianist who has special place in his heart for jungle/dnb. DJ Tunstep was raised on the classic rollers from the early to mid 90’s and has a passion to bring back that particular vibe. Songs like, Alex Reece – pulp fiction, Micky Finn – bad ass, ed rush – alien girl are a few of many that influenced him to incorporate his pianist background into production in the summer of 2012.

Once he found his niche/sound he moved on to become a self proclaimed DJ to be able to test and blend his tracks with the likes of other drum & bass producers. A sucker for the amen drum patterns, it’s clear to say DJ Tunstep is more of a jungle DJ and very rarely plays the new jump up style of drum & bass, he plays a mixture of jungle, dark tech to soft vocal tracks with moving bass lines to give his sets a twist to stand apart from most DJ’s, not to mention adding some of his own secret weapons.