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DJ Instinct

DJ Instinct


Catch DJ Instinct every Monday from 8-10pm


”We want to affect a change with voice and electrical noises”

Born and raised in Oxford and never strayed too far since! The only constant in life is music. I self taught myself drums while heavily into the metal scene. After hearing about the rave scene I went along with a friend to see the likes of Annix, DJ Hazard and TeddyKillerz. Instantly I was hooked and needed some way for it to be more, so I picked up a cheap set of decks and got to work! That has evolved into better decks and live streaming on Facebook leading to where I am now.
My Influences are the likes of the above mentioned, Noisia, DJ Hype, Magistrate, Serum and Macky Gee. I like the idea of a full spectrum of drum and bass in every set.
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