From being built by a member of the drum & bass echelon, through to becoming one of the biggest taste-making platforms within the genre, AudioPorn have set themselves apart when it comes to their roster. This has been done with the help of their background, as well as their head honcho Shimon – who has enabled them to push forward many of the prominent names that are currently domineering charts and radio airwaves. Whether it’s the sounds of Benny L or Trimer, AudioPorn have become a recognizable face amongst their venerable scene counterparts. Time and time again they’ve ignited the careers of newcomer artists and likewise Gino has become a defining part of their camp. Known also through his Arnone alias, Gino has kept the fierceness of his production alongside its high arching levels. His forthcoming ‘Minor Problems’ EP on AudioPorn is evidence of this. With four brand new tracks about to be added to his repertoire, it’s obvious that AudioPorn are about to build another profile for an artist who fits their prototype.

The crackling bass thumps of ‘Jenson Kid’ provide an opening sequence which lets you know what you’re in for as the EP progresses. It sets the tone, one which is growling and flows through each precisely manufactured drum beat. ‘You Don’t Know’ again follows the same tones. Raucous, snapping and with punchy pads, it’s another jump up, bass riddled record that dips between its shaking rhythms. ‘Engine Failure’ carries across its stringent mixdown with an aggressive bassline that flares between every drum beat. With a melody and sing-song vocal sample providing the tracks intro, you’re lulled into a false sense of security before its eventual breakdown and rolling grooves. An EP standout, ‘Engine Failure’ encompasses the dedication and hard work emanating from Gino’s music.

‘Get Down’ is the last part of the producer’s ‘Minor Problems’ EP. A focus of its composition is the track’s percussion, slamming through as each segment passes, slowly becoming an overbearing freight-train. That’s how Gino stands out –through his music’s uniqueness and attitude. And that’s just another reason why a label like AudioPorn have brought him into their midst.