Fresh off the back of the immense ‘Reprisal EP’ on Metalheadz last month, label head honchos Artificial Intelligence return to their own imprint with a second artist EP to reinforce the 10 Years of Integral campaign.

Catalogue number 40 – True Colours consists of 4 unique and deep futuristic soul jams that are very much at the forefront of the sound that the label has been pushing recently. Prepare yourself for the ultimate emotional rollercoaster in true AI fashion.

Kicking off the new EP, ‘Ask Yourself’ encapsulates celestial grooves and sublime melodies of a deeper, and somewhat delicate nature. The pristine programming on this production brings sheer delight to the eardrums.

Next up, title track ‘True Colours’ turns the emotions up a notch. Dubby sub bass and punchy breaks with plenty of space and a sublime vocal make for a serious dancefloor roller that pulls at the heart strings. The intricate sampling brings a unique vibe that pushes the AI sound into superfresh territory, yet it still cleverly remains true to the superduo’s signature soundscape.

‘Waiting For’ switches the mood over to affectionate vibes of a more somber nature. Listeners will be sure to get caught up in this stunning journey of synth chords and emulating bass hook comprising the most blissful of melodies.

Wrapping up this outstanding EP “Holding Out” instantly draws you in with its epic cinematic intro and exquisite harmonics. The minimal drum programming makes way for a wonder of depth and intricacies in this truly majestic production that brilliantly champions soulful musicality within drum & bass.