After the success of his chart topping ‘Puff Puff Pass’ EP on Serial Killaz DJ Hybrid goes back to where it all started, his first label Audio Addict Records was founded in 2010 and since then it has become renowned for discovering new artists within the scene. Over the years we have seen names like Benny L, Bou, Kumarachi, Nectax, Sl8r, Octo Pi, Leaf and Rollz all pass through as well as legends such as Ray Keith, DJ Vapour and Callide on remix duties.

The latest EP from Hybrid is showcasing a much darker side of his production, less bouncy Jungle vibes like his previous EP’s and more dutty Drum & Bass roller vibes on this one. We think its safe to say Hybrid isn’t playing around and the title ‘Takeover’ sais it all! Not only has he donned the modern Jungle scene but now he sets his sights on the DNB crown and he’s taking no prisoners.

The title track Takeover packs a punch with a hint of ‘Serum’ style stabs and womps, the second track ‘Vibez’ is exactly that! a more steppy rhythm to the title track this one really shows the range of Hybrid’s production when it comes to different styles. Next up DJ Hybrid teams up with label mate and long time counterpart ‘Kumarachi’ and when these two get together they come correct with ‘Glitch In The Jungle’ rolling breaks and distorted basslines for the win. On to ‘Run Tune Now’ which is a big stepper combined with crunchy reese basses which channel early Metalheadz memories. Hybrid tones things down for track 5 just to remind you all he does have a softer more melodic side to his production and last but not least ‘War Horn’ is probably going to signal exactly that, dancefloor war and all out rave carnage.

We hope you enjoy our latest release on Audio Addict Records! we will be back again with more music from DJ Hybrid, Kumarachi, RMS, Gravit-e, Replicant, Konz, Sikka, Octo Pi in the new year.

Juno Exc: 7th Dec