3 The Hard Way returns entrenched deep In the 90’s Jungle Sound and starts with Durban kicking of proceedings on the aptly titled ‘Badman Sound’, hoover basses and distorted breaks take us on the journey through the gritty world of the badman while Jaguar Paw slides in next with a quality execution of the dark jungle roller on ‘Shoot Dont Talk’ dat hits all the right notes and grinds dirtily along led by a meanacing bassline & that gunslinger sample and closing the door on proceedings with ‘Magazine’ we have Rassterlin ,with a soul-full number full of energy ,a wicked catchy vocal & big phat 808’s to keep the crowd skanking. 

One Love 

Asbo Records

ez rollers
“Solid dance floor fodder. Thanks”

Nicky Black Market

Andy – Filthy Habits

Vinyl Junkie

Kenny Ken
“Good release”